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The collection of health and wellness content is a resource for you to gain wisdom directly from local professionals. These are people who have dedicated their lives to a profession and a focus. By speaking and being recorded, they have freely given their time to share what they know to help others. Our wish is for you to seek them out if you need the help of their expertise. 

All the professionals who appear, have given their time freely and are willing to help people or direct them to those they know who can help if what you seek is outside their expertise. As one of our speakers who has been in the area of dementia and rather be called “Dementia Care Specialist” rather than nurse because her life work, focus and dedication. At the beginning of her talk she let us know that she put her books away and was willing to be open to learning from her experiences.

The speakers who present on topics provided by Resource4 Care receive no compensation. Their reward is being able to share what they know with others and the satisfaction of making life a little easier for those dealing with health and wellness issues.

Below are the topics recorded and planned, where to listen and a way to reach the professional with questions. 

Topics Available to Watch
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This is a small group of women in the Senior Healthcare world who share information and news in the senior community.  We meet on the third Friday of the month. It takes a lot of energy, joy, and strength for us to take care of our seniors.  It is great partnerships and friendships like ours that make it fun!

Name: Donna Roach
Company: Hearthside Senior Living Bartlett
Healthcare Super Power: Navigating Healthcare and Living Choices

Name: Kelly Inman
Company: Next Day Access
Healthcare Super Power: Safe Mobility In Your Home

Name: Laura Lutrick
Company: Parkinson’s Foundation
Healthcare Super Power: Parkinson’s Resources & Support

Name: Julie Trayal
Company: Ave Maria Home
Healthcare Super Power: Assisted Living, Memory Care, Long-Term Nursing Care, Short-Term Rehabilitation

Name: Kristen Miller
Company: MidSouth Aging Consultant, Memory Makers of the Midsouth
Healthcare Super Power: Socialization, support & education for dementia?

Name: Lynn Doyle
Company: Unity Psychiatric Hospital
Healthcare Super Power: Healthcare Behavior Issues

Name: Lisa Shurden
Company: Jordan River Health Campus
Healthcare Super Power: Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Memory Care

Name: Janice Williams
Healthcare Super Power: Taking Care of the Caregiver

Name: Mia Henley
Company: Creative Aging Memphis
Healthcare Super Power: Aging Well with Music & Art

Name: Leah Anne Morse
Company: All Things New of West TN
Healthcare Super Power: Downsizing, Packing, Moving, Unpacking, Organizing, Decorating

Name: Cindy Longmire
Company: Your Place Mani Pedi
Healthcare Super Power: Manicures and Pedicures In Your Home

Name: Genell Holloway
Company: Eagle Hollow Enterprises, Inc.
Healthcare Super Power: Medicare and Medicaid Knowledge

Name: Sherry Harbur
Company: Harbur
Healthcare Super Power: Senior Real Estate Housing Options

Name: MaryLou Nowak
Company: MidSouth Home Helpers, Resource4 Care
Healthcare Super Power: In-Home Senior Care, Library of 901 Area Healthcare Professionals

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