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Recruiting Is A Breeze With Resource4Care When You Delegate These Tasks To Us

Reach & Visibility

Multiply your visibility by benefiting from the fruits of our efforts.

Evaluate Hire-Ability

Evaluate a candidate every step of the way.

In Person Interviews

The in person interviews also allow us to evaluate a person’s ability to manage their commitments.

Independent Evaluation

Two independent in person evaluators determining care ability. 

Compare and Contrast Skills

A structured process and comparison supports impartiality. 

Candidates to Your Email

Clients will be delivered right to your email.

Introducing You To The Best Suited Employees For Your Organization

What we do to save you time and maximize your resources

It All Begins With Your Need For Quality Candidates


Multiply your visibility by benefiting from the fruits of our efforts in the entire MidSouth area. We attend and sponsor local job fairs in your employment neighborhood close to your community of care. Our trained scouts data mine the internet to connect with local talent as well as nontraditional opportunities to reach mature adults with a passion for caring. We also have maintain and cultivate relationships with educational and life skills support centers that provide adult graduates who are better equipped and emotionally mature to fulfill requirements and keep commitments.


We all know a great employee is not just knowing what to do but how well they go about doing what they know. We have developed a proprietary method of evaluating a candidate every step of the way. From the time their contact information reaches us, we track soft skills and knowledge in a consistent way to begin to create a profile of their hire-ability


Nothing can replace the in person interview for determining important factors of a care provider and we ALWAYS CONDUCT TWO interviews. Paper and online applications or phone conversations cannot replace seeing the passion a person has for care. The in person interviews also allow us to evaluate a person’s ability to manage their time commitments. Not every caregiver is going to present well in writing or over the phone but when they show that in person passion for care it’s a wonderful thing to see. No show interviews will be our problem not yours.


We will always have two independent “in person” evaluators. While we can’t guarantee a person’s performance after being hired, in person and pre interview evaluations put together with relevant reference checks is the best indicator for future performance.


We compare and contrast skills and care-ability. It’s good to have comparison and contrast to be sure an interviewer is not imposing a bias or missing something. That’s why we have two independent  in person evaluators. 


Candidates who have been evaluated for care-ability and hire-ability and live within commuting distance from your care clients will be delivered right to your email. Additionally a bi-monthly list will be maintained and available too.

Option To Add Your Organizations Specific Needs

Your culture is unique to you and so are your requirements. We welcome customizing the process to help shorten the time to hire. Therefore, let us know if you have routine processes, forms, compliance checks or basic education that would complement our interviewing, evaluating and screening. We advocate for delegation not abdication.

Our job ends with supplying you with thoroughly screened and evaluated candidates within commuting distance to your care community that you can on board more quickly.

Why Resource4Care Staffing

Many are competing for limited care talent. Let our experienced and professional team with heightened discernment, help source and complete repetitive tasks using our proprietary process. 

Here’s how we can help increase visibility and leverage your resources:

Eliminate repetitive recruiting tasks.
Reduce job board and career fair expenses.
Increase productive candidate interactions.
Avoid excess overtime.
Reduce time to hire.
Adjust coverage hours more quickly.
Eliminate wasted time on “no show” candidates.
Focus more on retention and training.
Increase care coverage.
Increase quality care for residents and clients.
Improve satisfaction scores.
Handle unexpected increase in care needs.

We understand the importance of:

Retaining your best staff.
Being purposeful and thorough while moving quickly.
Understanding your culture, needs and requirements.
Being flexible transparent and responsive.
Treating great care workers with the respect they deserve.

About Us

Resource4 Care Staffing (R4C Staffing) is an interviewing and screening organization. We are NOT a staffing or temp agency. Using our service will shorten your organizations time to hire. This will allow you to more quickly and thoroughly meet your care staffing needs as they arise and reduce overtime.

Any hires that result from working from us are YOUR employees; we are just here to help you meet your needs more quickly and thoroughly.

R4C Staffing has a proprietary process of attracting, screening, interviewing and evaluating potential employees.

We are happy upon request to give the credentials, experience, and proven results of those responsible at R4C

Our founder ML Nowak, has over 30 years of operations, human resources and management experience, plus a specialized education in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

A proven ability to solve complex business and employment challenges creatively is the inspiration for the Resource4Care Staffing solution. ML’s success in owning and operating a profitable in-home private pay care agency for the last 7 years provides the intimate understanding of the challenges managing an hourly workforce during the ups and downs of client census. Our founder has also previously demonstrated these abilities by saving 1.6 million dollars for a 500-bed hospital by reducing reliance of outside agency employment as Recruitment and Retention Director.

ML Nowak resides on the board of the Professional Network on Aging as Marketing Director and is sought after for creative ideas and solutions. Experience, combined with being a consistent student of technology and innovation, gave birth to the innovative solution provided by Resource4Care Staffing.

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